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Smart Home Technology

Your Smart Home Lifestyle Perks

Phone Unlocking Front Door
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Smart Home Technology

At Broadstone Trailside, 100% of our homes include a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge Smart Home features including Google Home, Kwikset Smart Locks, mobile lighting controls, and Nest Thermostats. It’s like having your apartment in your pocket.

Lifestyle Benefits
  • Maintain complete control of your apartment from anywhere, and at all hours of the day, with Google Home. This is your moment-to-moment connection, the feature that ensures your residence is always within reach and intuitively manageable.
  • Entrust your home’s temperature settings to Nest thermostat. Being interconnected with Google Home, this feature will have you setting/adjusting the degrees to your exact preferences, and from anywhere. It’s a reliable path to both energy-conscious living and consistent comfort.
  • Our homes come Nest Kwikset-equipped, meaning you can do away with traditional keys and oversee residential security/access either in remote fashion or while seated comfortably in your living room, and always with dependable convenience.